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Monty Reviewing: Monty Buntin’s World Finals 1st GO 2024-01-07

Tim Reviewing: Monty Buntin’s World Finals 1st GO 2024-01-07

Special Interview: Dr. Jerry Longworth, VMD

Are you ready for the upcoming breeding season? Are you considering breeding a mare or collecting a stallion that will be on the road showing during the breeding season? Have you considered frozen embryos or ICSI for your show mare? Dr. G.M. Longworth, VMD, of Scottsdale Equine Production Center joins Tim Smith to discuss all things breeding and reproduction. Get your questions answered by one of the best in the business. You can visit their website at https://scottsdaleequinerepro.com/ or give the center a call at GR Longworth VMD Office:
(480) 515-3774

Trainer’s Spotlight: David Owen

David Owen talks with Tim Smith during Cascades Futurity and Aged Event about how he started in the cutting business, his current program in Rancho Murieta, CA, and his vision for the future. Visit David on Facebook @davidowencuttinghorses or give him a call at (916) 794-6395

Trainer’s Spotlight: Ruben Mageno

Long time friends and colleagues, Ruben Mageno and Tim Smith take some time during the Clements Cutting Club Summer Bash in Paso Robles, CA to talk about Ruben’s history of bringing many new people into the sport through his club cutting in Temecula, CA and his Open, Non-Pro, and Amatuer cutting program at Ruben Mageno Cutting Horses. Reach out to Ruben at (619) 922-5445 or visit him at Tucalota Creek Ranch.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Jade Keller

Jade Keller and Tim Smith talk about how Jade Keller Performance Horses in Scottsdale, Arizona came to be and how his program is set up for success. They also delve in to the creation of the Arizona State Championships and Jade’s instrumental role in bringing this cool concept together for club cutters and to increase the growth of the sport.

You can reach Jade Keller Performance Horses at (641) 895-2555, jadekeller.net or visit Jade and team on Facebook.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Clayton Carter

Clayton Carter, one of the “young guns” in the cutting industry, shares his story with Tim Smith while at the Cascades Futurity and Aged Event. Clayton grew up on a small farm and cattle operation in East Texas. Listen to hear what Clayton was always scared of as a youth…! You can reach Clayton on Facebook, call him at (903) 343-2788, or visit him at Carol Ward Cutting Horses in Rancho Murieta, CA and Weatherford, Texas, where he is resident trainer.

Two Legends Talk Cutting

Two cutting horse legends, Lindy Burch and Tim Smith, share the history of cutting in Southern California, the ranch that has long been the center of the action, and the amazing horses that are showcased in the sport.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Josh Sleeman

Tim Smith took some time at Cascades Futurity and Aged Event to sit down with “The King of the Northwest”, Josh Sleeman. Tim and Josh talk about his start in the business following in his father’s footsteps, cutting in the Northwest, and how Josh and his wife, Jen, have navigated the changes in the cutting world in the past 20 years. Josh mentioned how great it has been for his wife Jen to enjoy her long-awaited chance to get into the show pen. Josh Sleeman Cutting Horses has a large Non-Pro and Amateur program and Josh shares how he keeps his horses correct and sharp for both the Open and Non-Pro show pen. You can visit Josh in Eatonville, Washington, connect with him on Facebook, or email him at jbsleeman@me.com.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Brent Erickson

One of NCHA’s newest Hall of Fame Trainers, Brent Erickson, takes a few minutes out of his busy schedule at Cascades Futurity and Aged Event to sit down and talk with Tim Smith about his cutting horse program, located in Lincoln, CA. You can reach Brent at 916-687-1383, or visit him on Facebook at Brent Erickson Cutting Horses.

Non Pro/Amatuer Spotlight: Bob Cooley

Bob Cooley, one of the most competitive Non-Pro’s on the circuit this year, sits down with Tim Smith during the AZCHA End of the Trail Show to talk about how he got his start showing cutting horses, the world-class horsemen that have been his guides, and the drive to always be working on his skills that helps him continuously improve. Bob and Tim discuss all things show preparation, the challenges of hauling for the World Championship, and the solid routine he has created that helps him and his horses stay consistent in the show pen.

Special Interview: Jessie Burdette

Tim Smith grabs top loper Jessie Burdett during the Cascades Futurity and Aged Event to talk all things horse preparation. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the inside scoop on how to care for and prepare top equine athletes from one of the most experienced cutting horse lopers on the circuit.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Cody Lamont

Tim Smith and Cody Lamont of Lamont Cross Performance Horses take a few minutes to talk about how Cody and wife Majerle got started in the business and even how the Lamont Cross name came about. Check out the video on BuntinSmith.com and then stop by for a visit with Cody in Scottsdale or reach out to him at lamontcross.com or call (480) 320-0421

Trainer’s Spotlight: Todd Adolf

Tim Smith and Todd Adolf talk about Todd and Kim’s Non-Pro and Amateur friendly ranch in Arizona, Todd’s strong training and lesson program, and how Todd made his way through the field to become the national caliber trainer, showman, and judge he is today. You can reach Todd and Kim at T and K Performance Horses in Morristown, Arizona. Email them at Tadolf22@gmail.com or visit their website https://tkperfhorses.com/

Trainer’s Spotlight: Eric Wisehart

Tim Smith sits down with Eric Wisehart of Wisehart Cutting Horses located in Hemet, California. Eric talks about how he got started and how he has developed his program by working with other professionals. You can reach Eric and his wife Kendall at www.ericwisehart.com or wiseharteric@icloud.com.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Rock Hedlund

Tim Smith and Rock Hedlund take a few minutes at Cascades Futurity and Aged Event to talk about how it feels to be the older generation of cutting trainers, Rock’s short stint in veterinary school, and the amazing story of how Meteles Cat came to be bred. Even Tim had not heard the story behind this amazing stallion’s origin story. If you would like to know more about Rock’s full service training program in Wilton, California, or about the great stallion Meteles Cat, reach out to Rock and Landy Hedlund at rockhedlundcuttinghorses.com, metelescat@yahoo.com or (916)761-7427.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Mike Wood

Tim Smith gets a chance to talk with “The King of the Road”, Mike Wood! They review some of the very impressive results he and Roper have achieved in the business and about the community they have built aka “The Wood Hood”. Together, Mike and Roper have developed a program that takes them as Open riders and their Amateurs and Non-Pros to the winner’s circle, and to World Championships, time and time again. Learn more about this fabulously successful program at Mike Wood Performance Horses, in Scottsdale, Arizona, visit them on Facebook, or email mike@mwph.com

Trainer’s Spotlight: Tosten Peterson

Tim and Tosten sit down to discuss Tosten and wife Katie’s cutting horse program, Peterson Performance Horses, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tosten provides a full service program including starting young horses and training them through the aged events, as well as a strong Amatuer and Non Pro program for both Aged Events and Weekend Cuttings. Stop by an visit them at their ranch at 30513 N 144th St., Scottsdale, Arizona, or reach out to petersonhorses@gmail.com, or call (952) 217-1007.

Trainer’s Spotlight: Jaime Snider

Tim grabbed Jaime Snider while he had the chance to talk to him about his current success in the show pen both in weekend and aged events, and his run for the World Championship in the Open on Countin Hot Checks for owner Jamie Hill. Jaime talks about how he got involved in cutting and what led him to the highly competitive path he is on today. You can reach Jamie on Facebook or email him at acesnider@gmail.com. You can access breeding information on the red-hot stallion Jaime is piloting on the road to the World Championships at countinhotchecks.com

Special Interview: Mark Michaels

Watch this Exclusive video with Mark Michaels, of Performance Horse Central, being interviewed by Monty Buntin & Tim Smith during the Cascades Cutting Horse Futurity & Aged event.

Non Pro/Amatuer Spotlight: Mary Jo Milner

The Cuttin’ Pen brings you another complimentary exclusive interview with the Queen of Cutting, Mary Jo Milner. Tim Smith sat down with Mary Jo on a break at the Cascades Futurity & Aged Event and discussed her multiple NCHA Non Pro World Championships, her amazing horses, her family, and more.

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Run Review: IDCHA WOW Finals

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Trainer’s Spotlight: Morgan Cromer